Training Classes

Training Classes


You’re passionate about getting people fit and in shape and about Spartan? Then join the movement of Spartan Partner Trainers!

What does it mean to be a Spartan Partner Coach?

We’re looking to bring together highly professional and skilled coaches and instructors- to make people out there fit- for a Spartan Race and beyond. As a Partner coach you will offer classes and courses – for every fitness level and any age- to prepare anyone physically and mentally for a Spartan Race and to live more vitally. Everything is centered around the idea of Being a Spartan:

Being a Spartan is about truly living – being the best version of yourself, making every day count and growing through adversity.

Being a Spartan is about inspiring other people to step out of their comfort zones, to see opportunities and taking on new challenges.

Being a Spartan is about changing ones frame of reference, resetting your inner default as an antidote to dissatisfaction and the insatiable need for "more".

Being a Spartan is about moving mountains: whether metaphorical mountains or the ones on which Spartans race, what you think are your limits can be a mere starting point for transformation.

A Spartan Partner Trainer needs represent more than "just" a great professional: you will have the spirit of a Spartan and live it with your heart and soul!

Apply now – fast and easy and within a few days your first training offers could be online on our training platform.

How can I become a Spartan Partner Trainer?

The Spartan Partner Trainer Program consists of two levels.

Trainer Level 1

You have to comply with the following requirements:

  • Love for Spartan „Way of Life“
  • Passion for Obstacle course racing and Coaching
  • German/Austrian equivalent of current First Aid certification
  • German/Austrian equivalent of Reps level 3

If you fulfil these requirements you can now apply quick and easy through this application form. If you have questions around the application or the program you can contact us through

We will want to get to know you and then you’re all set for your first steps as a Spartan Partner Trainer. All you then have to do is to create your upmysport Account and start setting up your first classes for your new customers.

Trainer Level 2

You have to comply additionally with the following requirements:

  • You have hosted over a period of time several spartan classes with numerous participants on the upmysport platform and received largely positive feedback from your customers on the courses.
  • You have raced at least one Spartan Race per year

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The platform for Spartan Training Classes: upmysport

All training activities around Spartan Race can be found on upmysport platform. Upmysport is a platform for instructors and for clients looking for instructors.

As an instructor you can offer all your training courses on the platform so that customers can find it easy and quick and make their bookings: All Spartan Training courses on upmysport are directly promoted through, Spartan Race social media and newsletter to the Spartan Community. is the exclusive home of all Spartan promoted training offers – so become part of that and get your offers right to the Spartan community.

Apply now und within a few days your training offers can already be live and booked by new costumers.


What are the benefits of being a Spartan Coach?

  • As a Spartan Partner trainer you benefit from an easy to handle and efficient platform upmysport, which allows you to set up your course offers and get that promoted directly to the Spartan Community. Your training courses will be listed in the dedicated Spartan section of upmysport and this will be promoted exclusively. Spartan Partner Trainer receive a special discount to sign up with upmysport, setting up your account is for free.
  • You become part of the Spartan network und by this access to special offers from Spartan Race Partners und special access to race entries.
  • As a Level 2 Trainer you can qualify to host a Spartan Workout Tour Workout which will bring you direct contact with potential customers.

Please note that the Spartan Partner Training program is not a certification program- although we select the coaches based on criteria. As a Spartan Partner trainer you do not have the right to use the Spartan Brand to promote your business, but you will be promoted by Spartan and through upmysport.

Apply now und within a few days your training offers can already be live and booked by new costumers.


SGX Coach and SGX Courses:

Independently from becoming a Spartan Partner Trainer you can also at any time become a certified SGX Coach. To become a SGX Coach there is seminars across the globe. Learn more about SGX here:
A certified SGX coach earns the right to use the SGX brands to promote his/her training offers.

Note: also as a SGX coach- if you want your training courses to be promoted in the Spartan environment you need to join the Spartan Partner Trainer program and go live on upmysport.