Spartan Training

Spartan Training

Train like a Spartan

If you are just starting out, your journey can start with easy jogging a few days per week, until you have built yourself a small fitness foundation. Once you’ve done that, try out the WOD and FOD to kick your training and nutrition into high gear! If you want additional support, or to take your preparations to the “next level,” find a Spartan SGX coach to optimize your mental and physical readiness for this life-changing event.

Not sure where to start? Have one of our certified SGX coaches help you!

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Welcome to the land of classic WODs

We hope that these WODs spark your imagination as to how far and in what ways you can push. Diversity in training will result in diversity as an athlete. Creativity in training will result in the creation of a dynamic and unstoppable racer. An ability to successfully respond to a panoply of adverse conditions is requisite in Spartan Races – never get comfortable, always keep pushing.

This is why we want to equip you with the tools to get the job done. Whenever you are stuck for a new workout, just swing on by here.

Strength WODs

Athleticism WODs

Endurance WODs

Mind WODs

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